Saturday, October 21, 2006

Poetry Readings? Meetings? Public Space?

Starbucks Opens Monday! Let's Use the Library as a Community Space

For many of us, caffeine activates our minds and keeps our bodies awake for longer and deeper study. Plus it's tastier than ever. And the aroma! Just delightful! Cookies, pretzels, and music seduce us into Starbucks on the first floor of Library West.

Bring your covered drinks into the other areas of the library, but eat the foods down on the first floor -- below the escalator.

What do we want to do with those spaces? Poetry readings? Jazz clubs on Friday evenings? Meeting space for clubs? Other academic libraries in Universities and Colleges use their library cafe's as public community space.

If you have ideas, want to develop weekly or monthly meetings, let me know. See what we can dream up. And have a great time!

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Michele said...

I was not really happy with the opening of a Starbucks in the library for a couple of reasons. The main reason (and I won't get into the other so as to not seem too much like a prol) is a long-ingrained bias about bringing food or drink into a library. However, it's an aversion that I've overcome surprisingly fast. The jury is still out on whether bringing food into a library is a good idea, but the idea of reinventing the library as community space is brilliant and sorely needed, with or without a Starbucks in the mix.