Sunday, December 03, 2006

Remote Logon

Logon from Home with the Virtual Private Network

Most of you know that you can access almost any of our databases or e-books from home. There are 2 different ways: the Library Proxy or the Virtual Private Network, each with a set of pros and cons. (You can link to them from the link in the upper right hand corner of most library pages -- in the blue stripe -- at the link "Remote Logon." But more about that later.)
Library ProxyVirtual Private Network (VPN)
Login each time you go to library pageDownload & install small piece of software to your computer
Must click on links to navigate through pagesThen, each time you return to the library website, open the software again and allow it to connect to the library proxy.
Using the back button or the address bar will knock you off the proxyCan navigate off library website and back on again
Can not link to databases from emails, WebCT, webpagesCan enter databases from other websites, email links, or software (EndNotes)

Basically, you have more freedom when using the Virtual Private Network and fewer concerns about being knocked off the proxy. Furthermore, it's actually more secure for the library. However, if you'll only use a particular computer once, you might still want to use the Library Proxy.

So here's the deal. Here's more information about the VPN -- at the upper, left-hand corner of the page. If you're convinced, download the VPN. You'll need your GatorLink ID and password. There are versions for Windows and MACs. Contact me with any questions you have. If I can't answer them, I'll find someone who can. And enjoy easy surfing through the library resources from home, Taiwan, or Iceland!


Michele said...

Hi, just wanted to say that this has been a great resource for me. I downloaded the simple VPN utility and was on campus in a virtual capacity within minutes. It has changed the way I work on the Smathers website at home as weill as on campus in general. With the VPN connection I was able to download Virex from UF for my home computer, for free!

merrie alynn said...

Great! And thanks for reminding me...The VPN allows remote access from any UF website. Not possible when just using the Library Proxy.