Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Encyclopedia of the Human Brain

I just fell upon it -- It's from ScienceDirect -- Quite Expensive -- Please Use It!

You know, UF Libraries have so many resources, none of us know what all we have! Especially since we share resources with the Health Science Center Library and the Legal Information Center (the Law School Library), I'm sometimes amazed at what we have.

Very soon, in a couple of weeks, we'll be getting the online version of the Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics through ScienceDirect. This is the revised edition of the 10-volume 1990 set. Anyway, I was just looking around ScienceDirect, hoping to find a bit of info about the Encyclopedia and maybe a sample article or two that I'd missed before. Or one they'd added.

And to my delighted eyes, what appeared was another encyclopedia: The Encyclopedia of the Human Brain Editor-in-Chief: V. S. Ramachandran (from my alma mater)! The Health Science Center Library (HSCL) must have decided to buy it. Thank you HSCL! Little did they know how much they have aided folks who research and study in all of the departments dear to my heart and yours! Here are some interesting articles:
Adolescent Brain Maturation
Aging Brain
Alcohol Damage to the Brain
Endorphins and their Receptors
Humor and Laughter
Language Acquisition
Language and Lexical Processing
Logic and Reasoning
Neural Networks
Recovered Memories
Sexual Behavior
Violence and the Brain
Visual System Development and Neural Activity

Each article includes a glossary and great set of references. You never have to stop studying your topic of choice! (I know! It's just like every other addiction in the world. It's always there for you. But it's almost free if you're aligned with UF. There are articles on addiction, too!)

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