Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mental Measurements Yearbook & AgeLine

Mental Measurements Yearbook is Now Readable!

Mental Measurements Yearbook? Readable? What?

The Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) is a database of reviews of published psychological tests, inventories, measurements, and assessment tools (okay, those are all the same things). The record not only includes the review, but also the contact information, price, institutional support, development background, and theoretical background for the test.

Sounds great. Right? It's extremely helpful for students and faculty in several fields, including Psychology, Linguisitics, CSD, and Education. Not only can you find the Beck Depression Inventory, but also foreign language tests.

However, for the last few years the UF Library has subscribed to MMY through OVID, whose search interface is difficult to use. Worse yet, the full-text result had no paragraph breaks, so that a review on a test for proficiency in Hausa looked like this:

But, now, we're subscribing through EBSCO! The same article looks like this! With paragraph breaks! And everything!

Isn't that the greatest! It lessens the probabilities that I'll get a migraine trying to figure out what's going on! (To see the articles in detail, just click on them and the scans will open in their own windows.)

We've also started a new subscription to AgeLine through EBSCO now, rather than through SilverPlatter. This should also be easier to use. Please let me know if you need some guidance with either database.

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