Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wireless Laptops

Checking Out Wireless Laptops

Is it too noisy around the computer workstations for you? Are all the computers taken? Not to worry. The entire library is accessible to your wireless laptop. (Although the 4th floor may have a few dead spots. You might want to move around to look for a stronger connection.)

"Alas," you say, "I left mine at home." "Good grief," you mutter, "I have a husband and 2 babies and a desktop at home. You think I can afford a laptop as well?"

Still, no worries. You can check out a laptop at the circulation desk. Just present your Gator1 card and all will be well.

Areas at the periphery of the library, on the 4th floor, and on the graduate students' 6th floor are much quieter.

A web page should come up asking for the login as soon as you open a browser and try to connect to any page. It's on the left-hand side of the page in the blue column. You'll need to log into the network with your Gator1 account and password.

Then click on the "to browse the web click here" link in the center of the page.

There have been times when I've browsed few pages before the webpage asked for my login. Probably a cached page saved by my browser came up from an earlier visit here before the network noticed I was around.

Take care!

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